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  • Shanghai says restaurants must post information on source of menu items Shanghais food and drug administration is requiring five restaurant chains to release information on their suppliers on their websites, according to a city government circular re...

  • Food companies should start withdrawing substandard food products that present a serious threat to health as soon as they are discovered, according to a draft document released by Chinas top food safety watchdog on Wednesday. Plans for recalls should...

  • Chinese food and industry watchdogs on Monday jointly launched a probe into OSI (China) Holding Co., Ltd, the investor of scandal-saddled Shanghai Husi Food Co., Ltd. An investigation team comprising officials from the Shanghai Food and Drug Administ...

  • Tea and aquatic products had the lowest quality ratings during food safety checks in the first quarter, according to the Shanghai Food and Drug Administration. Only 76.8 percent of tea and tea products passed the check. Of the aquatic products tested...

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