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Tea and aquatic products rank lowest in food safety checks


Tea and aquatic products had the lowest quality ratings during food safety checks in the first quarter, according to the Shanghai Food and Drug Administration.

Only 76.8 percent of tea and tea products passed the check. Of the aquatic products tested, 92.3 percent passed. At least 95 percent of samples tested in other food categories passed the test.

All questionable products have been removed from store shelves and the administration said it had launched an investigation, imposed punishments and ordered rectification measures.

Of 2,761 samples tested in 23 food categories, including eggs and edible oils, seven processed meat products and one cold vegetable dish were found with pathogenic bacteria while three dried fish fillet samples contained tetrodotoxin.

"We have informed food safety authorities in other provinces of these unqualified products," said Gu Zhenhua, the administration's vice director. "So far no one has been diagnosed with food poisoning after eating fish fillets."

The administration reminded residents that summer is the peak season for food poisoning cases due to the high temperature and humidity. They also said food needs to be cooked and stored properly to reduce the chance of food poisoning.

Shanghai DailyWeb Editor: Si Huan

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