Phase 48: Explore the relationship between nuclear and humankind

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Activity background:

2014 is the 50th anniversary of China's first successful atomic bomb explosion. To carry out guiding principles of the 18th CPC National Congress, the Third Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee and 2014 Government Work Report, to implement the requirement of speech of General Secretary Xi in the third session of the nuclear security summit in the Hague on March 24, 2014, and to popularize the knowledge of nuclear science and technology, carry forward the spirits of "Two bombs and one satellite" and improve the scientific quality of all the people, together with related organization, China Association for Science and Technology plans to jointly organize the "China dream·dream of science and technology——nuclear science and technology exhibition to mark the 50th anniversary of China's first successful atomic bomb explosion". On the basis of this exhibition, a comprehensive series of activities for scientific propaganda are to be hold.

       Nuclear technology incorporates application of nuclear power, which is the development direction of nuclear power plant, and another important technology is isotope and radiation technology. In regard to the development of nuclear power, people have already had an understanding of it through the large exhibition of scientific popularization and popular science activities; especially after the nuclear leak incident of Fukushima Nuclear Power Station, public awareness of the nuclear power tend to be more rational. However, the isotope and radiation technology is still poorly understood by the public. It is known that isotope and radiation technology have outstanding performance in the field of industry, agriculture, medicine science and environmental protection. And this is also a display and determination of peaceful use of atomic energy technology by humankind. Although atomic energy technology is born to be used in war, its application has surpassed far beyond for the war and it provides more possibilities for the future development of humankind. This activity will invite experts of nuclear science and industry, from the point of view of the nuclear technology application, to uncover the unbeknown widely application possibilities and prospects of atomic energy science and technology for the general public.

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Scientists and Media: Face to Face Program
    Original of the Activity
    •During the Annual Conference of CAST in 2010, the President of CAST, Han Qide, called on Carrying Science Communication Activities on the basis of Focal and
    Hot Issues.
    Based on this proposal,
    scientists and media:
    face to face came into being.
    •Launched since 2011

    •The phenomenon of keeping silence of
    •The public shows a real
    thirst for science
    information during
    focal issues.
    •The gap between
    scientist and the public,
    and the media.

    •Fulfilling three functions:
    Science communication requirements...
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