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Original of the Activity
•During the Annual Conference of CAST in 2010, the President of CAST, Han Qide, called on Carrying Science Communication Activities on the basis of Focal and
Hot Issues.
Based on this proposal,
scientists and media:
face to face came into being.
•Launched since 2011

•The phenomenon of keeping silence of
•The public shows a real
thirst for science
information during
focal issues.
•The gap between
scientist and the public,
and the media.

•Fulfilling three functions:
Science communication requirements of
major science and technology programs
and key projects;
Science communication of emergencies and
focal issues;
Science issues related with
people's livelihood

Organizing Schedule
•Theme Collecting
•Event Planning(different partners involved, sub-theme setting, scientists selecting)
•Event Conducting (experts giving speeches, Q&A, free interview )
•Follow-up Reporting

•125 Experts Involved,
•of whom, 15 academicians (12%),
65 professors (52%).

Male 113 (90.4%), female 12 (9.6%)
•Chinese 116 (93%), foreign experts 9 including one Noble Prize Winner (7%)
•More than 30 journalists from magazine, newspaper and internet every time.

China science media centre office members

Director: Zhao Lixin, vice director of Institute of science Chinese
Deputy director: Deputy Director Zhong Qi
Members: Huang Xiaochun
Xia Ruijun
Wang Yue
Working with us
China Science Media Center (ChinaSMC) is dedicated to promoting the interaction between scientists and media, constructing sci & tech information platform for the public who could access to accurate, authoritative and timely information, especially supplying information ...[Detail]
For Journalists
The Science Media Centre provides journalists with what they need in the timeframe they need it, from interviews with leading experts to timely press briefings on topical issues.
For scientists
As well as providing advice and support to scientists already engaging with the media, the Science Media Centre runs events to introduce experts to what that involves.
For press officers
Primarily a press office, the Science Media Centre works closely with press officers from universities, industry, research funders and leading science and engineering institutions.

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